L'Histoire de la Forge

The History of the Forge

The Forge, called Forgia to XIII ème century, "Hospitium adManerium de Forgia in1435, A fief was recovering from the Barony of Preuilly. Geoffroy de Payen, chevalier banneret de Touraine in 1213, seigneur de Boussay, The first known owner is.

Then succeeded one another: 


Geoffroy deuxième du nom et Jean de Payen

By 1340 the girl of Jean de Payen married Nicolas de Menou and brought in dowry to her husband the earth and the castle of Boussay, Who since this time continuous to be lived by the descendannts of this illustrious family.

La cheminée

Jean de Menou obtained January 19th, 1447, from the Baron de Preuilly, the authorization to strengthen the Forge which was surrounded with staves fed by Claise, few tracks of which there are only nowadays.

This fief stayed in the field of the family De Menou until the Revolution.